Financial inclusion of women

Women Micro-Entrepreneurs

Access to Financial Services in Nigeria

  • Financial access is skewed towards male adults
  • Adult men are more likely to be banked than adult women
  • Women, the Youth (under 35 years), Rural residents and those in Northern Nigeria – (North East and North West) are the most financially excluded
  • 40.1% of the total adult population in Nigeria (96.4million) is financially excluded. 51% of women are women, and 44.9% are men.

Source: EFInA A2F 2016 Survey

Women Micro-EntrepreneursFinancial Inclusion is central to economic development in Africa. Women make up the majority of the un-banked and under-banked populations on the continent.

Afrigrants designed a financial inclusion solution called ‘Market Women’s Quick Cash’ – a micro lending scheme targeting women micro-entrepreneurs.

Financial Inclusion breaks women out of women and gives them a voice. It enables women make better economic choices and builds their confidence.

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