What We Do


  1. Public Sector Support Programmes

Afrigrants works with public sector agencies to achieve their development objectives in the following areas:

  • Youth Entrepreneurship, Employability and Empowerment
  • Small Businesses Incubation and Enterprise Development
  • Women and agriculture
  1. Social Investments

Afrigrants operates a targeted investment portfolio that invests in projects that yield financial returns and make social impact. Afrigrants partners with local entrepreneurs to implement these projects in strategic areas:

  • Agribusiness
  • Renewable energy
  • Technology based solutions
  1. Business Advisory Services

Afrigrants assists Entrepreneurs of all sizes to position and re-position their businesses for success. An experienced team of experts work with clients to develop strategies for sustainable business growth and diversification.

  1. Access to Development Finance Solutions

Afrigrants recognizes that access to funding is a critical concern for most social enterprises, and start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs. However, many lack the technical skills to write successful proposals or business plans to secure funding and financing. Thus, Afrigrants designs solutions that simplify the processes of seeking funding/financing.

These solutions include the following:

  1. Linkage to Financing: Afrigrants works with start-ups and entrepreneurs to identify and secure financing for the business ventures. This financing include low interest loans, grants, convertible debt and equity. Afrigrants provides business advisory services throughout the application and financing process.

Seeker Software: Afrigrants designed a pioneering software that assists individuals and organizations through the grants application, business plan development and project implementation processes to increase their revenue base. It responds to the unique dynamics and complexities of seeking financing and project implementation in Africa. This software simplifies the fundraising and grantseeking process and allows organisations focus on making impact. This tool is secure  and available for sale at retail outlets